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We’ve been taking care of our clients for over thirty years.We know that strong evidence and good facts are two keys to the strength of any client’s case. But another key to that strength, frequently leading to the best case outcomes, is built on the close relationships we forge with our clients. Our relations are based on mutual understanding and trust, as well as clear and open lines of communication. We believe in our clients and ourselves. We take great pride in offering a unique and elevated level of legal expertise and client service. Our clients benefit from a wealth of experience within a boutique, personalized environment that inspires communication and creative solutions to problems of every level of complexity, against a proven track record of success over three decades.


YUHL | CARR LLP is proud to be a title sponsor of the Urban Compass charity event "A Supreme Evening." This fantastic event, taking place April 27, 2017 at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens, will be honoring Girardi Keese Lawyers and MUSE/IQE for their commitment to direct student support for Urban Compass kids.  Established in 2004, Urban Compass offers services to the youth and families of Los Angeles. Focusing on mentorship from local high school and college students, core academic support, and engaging enrichment activities, its after-school and summer programs for Kindergarten through 5th graders aim to help students navigate through elementary school, keeping them out of gangs and on a path to college and a hopeful future. Using a cohort model, Urban Compass works to support the same families through each of their crucial elementary school years to improve school attendance, family engagement, homework completion, reading and core academic performance, and create a solid foundation for a successful college pathway.  YUHL | CARR LLP is honored to be a title sponsor of the event.  To learn more about Urban Compass, visit its website.  For tickets and additional information about "A Supreme Evening," click here.


Co-lead counsel for the class Eric F. Yuhl and Colin A. Yuhl recently obtained preliminary approval of a $120 million class action settlement involving false and misleading advertising by a food manufacturer that misrepresented its meat-substitute protein as being similar to a mushroom, when in fact it was a scientifically-engineered mold.  United States District Judge Molly Gee granted a motion for pre-approval of the settlement terms, which will provide a full refund to any consumer with an itemized receipt for the products purchased within the last five years.  Further, consumers without an itemized receipt but with proof of purchase for any store that carried the manufacturer’s products and who provide a statement that they purchased those products are eligible to receive up to $200 in reimbursement.  Finally, the manufacturer agreed to remove references to its products as being similar to mushrooms from its food labeling and website, and instead provide an accurate label on its products informing consumers of the true contents of its food.  The settlement does not contain any cap on the amount of refunds, but estimates of the class size indicate that the total value created for the class is approximately $120 million. Additional information on the terms of the settlement may be found here.

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