Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases have been a cornerstone of the Firm’s practice since it opened its doors in 1985. Our partners have decades of experience in handling these cases with numerous multi-million-dollar trial and settlement successes to their credit, across a broad spectrum of the field, including Product Liability, Motor Vehicle, Public Transportation, and Premises Liability to Professional Malpractice, Construction, Workplace, Aviation, and Maritime cases.

The injuries caused in these accidents can be complex and demanding, requiring expert understanding when it comes to proof and proper trial presentation.  A catastrophic brain injury can occur from these types of cases.  Our firm specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury cases, understanding that victims may have permanent deficits from simple movements and sensitivities, to serious emotional, cognitive or personality changes.  In some closed head injuries, they can be referred as the “invisible injuries” since TBI victims can often seem fine to others.  But they are not “invisible” to the victim or their families.  Unless one fully understands the subtle evidence of an injured brain, how that affects a person’s quality of life forever and paint the picture for a jury, underrepresentation will follow.  Massive orthopedic injuries and permanent disabilities are always properly prepared for trial by Yuhl | Carr attorneys and our results prove that.

Whether our client suffered a death in the family, or lives with a permanent extraordinary injury or went through a less severe injury that recovered over time, Yuhl | Carr lawyers will give the exact same time, attention and effort to achieving the best result for all clients who have suffered personal injuries.

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