Eric and Colin Yuhl Obtain $3,081,000 For Injured Electrician

9. 6. 18

On October 5, 2015, subcontractor defendant Cross dug up an underground utility during excavation work on behalf of general contractor defendant PMC, breaking open the outer plastic conduit and exposing the interior lines. The Plaintiff, a 64 year-old electrician was asked by Cross to confirm the exposed utility was an abandoned (not live) low voltage communications line. After Plaintiff’s initial wand test was negative for power, he cut into the insulation of one of the lines intending to perform a second verification wire test. The line exploded blowing Plaintiff out of the trench. Even though both the subcontractor and general contractor both testified they believed it was a low voltage communications line, it turned out to be a 12,000 voltage SCE high power line.

Plaintiff received a settlement totaling $3.081 million. Read more about the case here