Dangerous on-ramp leads to rollover of 80,000 pound bottom dump and spinal cord injury of driver
Personal Injury
Dangerous Condition of Public Property
San Bernardino Superior Court

Sara Holliday was a 40 year old truck driver employed by Robertson Ready-Mix and assigned to drive an 80,000 pound bottom-dump tractor trailer.  While attempting to negotiate the on-ramp from southbound Alabama Street to westbound Interstate 10 on a clear dry Sunday morning, the bottom-dump rolled over halfway through the winding, serpentine on-ramp (which has since been redesigned and rebuilt), as a result of which our client was rendered quadriplegic. 

We contended that the rollover was caused by a dangerous condition of the on-ramp, specifically the failure of Caltrans to post an appropriate curve warning and speed advisory sign consistent with their own standards.  It was further contended that the unexpectedly severe radius of curvature and changes in super-elevation contributed to the dangers presented to drivers and specifically contributed to this rollover.   Caltrans denied that there was any dangerous condition, and alleged that the sole cause of the rollover was the negligence of our client who drove this on-ramp multiple times every day as it was located just south of her employer’s sand and gravel plant.

Claimed damages included $816,000 past medical expenses paid by workers compensation; $4.2 million future medical expenses; and lost earnings in excess of $375,000.