Crane crushes arm of worker at courthouse construction site
Personal Injury
Negligence of General and Sub Contractors
Los Angeles Superior Court

Michael Gray, an employee of Owl Crane & Rigging, suffered a severe crush injury to his right arm during the build up of a 165 ton truck crane during construction of the Ronald Reagan Courthouse in Los Angeles.  Plaintiff contended that the general contractor (George Hyman) and the steel erector (Herrick Co.) failed to provide a safe place to work in the early morning hours on the street adjacent to this construction site.

Plaintiff’s claims of negligence included inadequate lighting, lack of traffic control, and a dangerous and uneven roadway surface on which to accomplish the build up of this massive truck crane; and, violation of applicable provisions of the California General Industry Safety Orders.  As a result, Michael Gray’s arm was crushed between the crane boom and deck.

The crush injury to Michael’s right forearm required complex reconstructive surgery later that day at Los Angeles County Hospital. 

Medical expenses paid through workers compensation totaled $51,000, and plaintiff was restricted to light duty upon his return to work.