Drugs in workplace result in Death on Highway
Wrongful Death
Negligent Supervision of School District Employees
Los Angeles Superior Court

Andy Distler, a 24 year old cabinet maker making $15,000 per year, was killed when a drug intoxicated maintenance employee of the Redondo Beach City School District crossed the center line and crashed into Distler’s vehicle as the school employee attempted to drive home after a day of work and drug use on the job.  The action for wrongful death was brought by Distler’s widow and son.

Lisa Distler alleged that the school district was negligent for failing to supervise its maintenance employees. Plaintiff claimed that violation of rules against alcohol and drug use during the work day had become customary, and blatant, among maintenance men employed by the school district and was carried on with its express or implied permission. The school district denied any drug or alcohol problem within the maintenance department and denied that it had any responsibility for the collision which occurred after its maintenance person had clocked out and left the premises.

The school district also denied that the employee became intoxicated while at work, despite the crash occurring within minutes after his departure from the maintenance department parking lot.

Lisa Distler claimed that her husband planned to start his own business and projected a future economic loss of $900,000.  Plaintiff’s settlement demand was $1,500,000 and no settlement offer was made at any time by the school district.