Jaywalker struck by MTA bus
Personal Injury
Motor Vehicle Negligence
Los Angeles Superior Court

On February 5, 2008 at approximately 5:30 a.m., decedent Vilma Hasbun was attempting to catch the 446 bus on Los Angeles St. after being passed up at Union Station. She was at the northeast corner of Los Angeles St. and Arcadia St. when the bus came to a complete stop at a red light.

Mrs. Hasbun entered the crosswalk and walked across Arcadia St. to the southeast curb. When the light for the bus turned green, she ran across Los Angeles Street in violation of Veh. Code §21955 where there was no crosswalk and clearly posted universal do not walk pedestrian signs.

The bus struck Vilma Hasbun who was pronounced dead on the scene. Vilma Hasbun was a 56 yr old housekeeper and legal resident who had immigrated to the United States from San Salvador in 1985. Jorge Hasbun was the surviving spouse and lead plaintiff. Irma
Martinez was the adult daughter of Vilma Hasbun from a prior marriage, living in San Salvador. Julia Santamaria was the mother of Vilma Hasbun, living in San Salvador. Vilma had been providing minimal financial support to her adult daughter and mother who she had seen
only about 5 times in 25 years.