Plaintiff suffers brain injury as a result of broadside collision
Personal Injury - Auto Accident
Personal Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury
Los Angeles County Superior Court
Plaintiff was driving through a controlled intersection when Defendant's vehicle broadsided her, totaling both vehicles

On the morning of the collision Defendant was speeding northbound in the number 2 lane of Lincoln Blvd. in a large, rented V-8, 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup attempting to find a Mobil gas station that he mistakenly thought was located at the northwest corner of Lincoln and Rose.  This search for a non-existent gas station caused Defendant to focus his attention to his left, away from traffic conditions at the intersection, including his signal light. Defendant then ran a red light, causing him to realize, too late, that Plaintiff had already entered the intersection westbound on Rose Ave. on a green light.  Defendant was also speeding at the time of the crash.  As a result of the massive collision, Plaintiff's vehicle was propelled all the way across the intersection when it slammed head first into a lamp post on the northwest corner.

Defendant contended in the ensuing lawsuit that he hd a green light and that Plaintiff had turned in front of him.  During discovery, Plaintiff established that the Defendant's version of events was physically impossible.  On cross-examination in their deposotions, even Defendant's hired expert witness accident reconstructionist admitted that he could not reconstruct the accident according to the testimony of the Defendant.

As a result of the crash, Plaintiff suffered a skull fracture and subdural hematoma that required a surgical procedure to relieve the pressure on her brain.  She was left with residual cognitive deficits and personality changes that also prevented her from continuing to work in her profession.  Defendant claimed that she had made a good recovery and her deficits were not disabling.